Kaosikii 1979

Kaośikii Discourse, 26 February 1979 Jammu

English summary:

Tandava is strictly forbidden for ladies; so for them, something also should be done. And I thought that later on, I will give something. Then again on 6 September, they requested. That time I thought that I will have to do something for them today. It was 11 pm at night and I decided that there should be one type of dance which will be the medicine for several diseases as well as a good form of exercise. It should be beneficial in many regards.

At that moment, I immediately called 4 boys and I taught them how to dance [kaośikii]. When they were dancing I saw what type of effect it had on their glands, sub-glands, nerve cells, and overall body.

One thing I also saw was that by this dance their minds blossom also. The practice which makes the mind blossom in Samskrta is known as kaośikii. That is why I have given the name of this new dance as kaośikii.

This dance is medicine for 22 diseases– especially liver-related problems & diseases, gallbladder troubles, hernias, urinary tract infections and weakness, obesity, piles, etc. And it also helps to strengthen the memory, give luster to the skin, removes lethargy, and more. In this way, I saw that kaośikii is a very good form of exercise benefiting all the organs, glands, and the entire body, from the head down to the foot. And, in addition, it is equally beneficial for boys also.

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