A documentary filmmaker

I am in India, Mumbai. I came to the orphanage from the Ananda Marga organization and will live here for some time, helping and listening to everything that happens to me around. Ananda Marga is an international social and spiritual movement founded in 1955 in Jamalpur by the Indian spiritual teacher, philosopher, writer, composer, and public figure Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, also known as Sri Sri Anandamurthy. But I also came as a documentary filmmaker. I would like to shoot material about the lives of these children, spiritual teachers, and everyone with whom I’ll be interacting during my stay here. I would be very happy if you took part in my project! The format of the project is the interview. So, try to imagine that you are here, what you would like to ask those people about? I would really appreciate it if you drop a few lines / questions in the comments, that would help a lot. I’m excited to see your messages!

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