Global Good News (January)

West Africa – Settled in a neglected area of Kasoa, where the community lacks basic services of sanitation and notions of hygiene, the Path of Joy library has been supporting the kids in diverse activities after school.

Saigon, Vietnam – Taking advantage of the release of the Covid restrictions and good summer weather, Ananda Marga Saigon (AMSG) has organized some youth camps to give fun to the kids along with character education.

Indonesia – AMURT Indonesia has been awarded a new project aimed at developing a network of early childhood teacher trainers across Indonesia.

Italia – Dada Shambhushivananda was the chief guest at a workshop organised by Yogiis Academy in the outskirts of Torino, Italia.

Argentina – Campo Divino celebrates its 8th year of existence this 2022!!

India – The High School being constructed by Dada Svarupananda in Tarun Anandanagar, is well underway. The building has 18 classrooms, 6 labs, an -office complex, and a large meeting hall.

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