Who We Are?

We analyse and collect Ananda Marga news, events and announcements recently posted in social media, websites and other uploads.

Our News brings us together

During Baba’s time, DMC, we Workers and Margiis had the opportunity to met frequently in Ananda Nagar. Got to know latest news and happenings around the globe, and spread through RDS, retreats and DC.

Today we may feel there are not much happening beside email correspond. News from our members fade overtime and websites become outdated. But the news is there, everyone uses internet. OUR NEWS use social media and web monitoring tools to analyse the usage of “Ananda + Marga” words in blogs, youtube, facebook and comments recently posted in internet.

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Our News

Our Team Setup

We have four main jobdescriptions which runs OUR NEWS at weekly bases. If you are intesrested to join in a specific job, please contact Dada Rasatmakananda.

News & Layout

News Collection

Spread The News

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