Sunrise Kindergarten, Helsinki, Finland

I came to Finland in September 2004 to manage Sunrise Kindergarten in Espoo, Finland. And I remember there were only 4 children. The kindergarten was on the brink of closing down. It had only one teacher who did almost everything there. During the first 4½ years, the school had a lot of ups and down, hardships and most especially lack of public support. We did not even have our own playground for our children where other kindergartens or neighbors will gladly accept us. It was in the year 2008 that the school slowly started to get more children and got better in all aspects. When the year 2009 ended we had 22 children.

During the course of these years, we have worked to improve the standard of our education by giving enjoyable programs to the children. We have emphasized the spiritual aspect of our education – yoga and meditation and our Neohumanistic curriculum. We do a lot of creative arts, dramatic plays, rhythm, songs, rhymes, stories and many more. Yama and Niyama and Yoga are taught in various ways such as stories or creative movements, pretend play, asanas poses, etc. Our children love yoga! They love dramatic plays. And most especially they like the food, many of them usually ask me what they are going to eat when they smell the food I am cooking in the school kitchen.

Our setting has a natural calmness, warmth and love. And the people who visit us also comment about this. They can easily see and feel that because our children are happy, smiling and friendly towards them. The children happily greet the visitors and are curious to talk with them, too.

By Avtk. Anandakrpa Ac.

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