An Encounter With The Dumagat Tribes

Ms. Mylen, a Dumagat at Sitio Inipit and a teacher who used to work in a school on another municipality, took the initiative to empower her community through education. By chance more than five years ago, she met yogi Alfonso Vieja, more known as Dada (elder brother) Atma (soul) in the Ananda Marga tradition, where he is a yoga teacher. Dada Atma, in his own way – especially through his own resources, his friends and fundraisers – has been helping Dumagats in Aurora ever since he lived with one community for a week when he got stranded by a typhoon in Quirino municipality.

Ms. Mylen asked Dada Atma’s help for the students – or rather, lack of students – at Sitio Inipit. Dada, again through his networks, mustered enough resources to shoulder miscellaneous fees and school supplies not covered by Dumagat students’ public school education. He also had a day care center built and promptly sent Ms. Mylen back to her community to teach there. Dada supported around 60 kids.

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