I had such an amazing time

I had such an amazing time at the @anandafestival of bliss yesterday near Covilha (and about 50mins from us). One of the most wonderful days in a long time and that’s saying something for where i live physically and emotionally these days. ☘

We ate lots of amazing vegetarian foods (many of which were truly divine cakes ha). We swam in the river whilst it chucked it down with rain (no piccies of that occurrence) down on us, which was breathtaking. We meditated, kirtaned, listened to beautiful musicians and hung out / met some lovely souls. 🌿

I feel deeply blessed for the bliss festival. 🍁

One of the many reasons for settling in Portugal was to lead a simpler and cheaper life style that allowed for more fun and connection (to self, others and life). I don’t always remember that because i have a default setting of ‘doer, pleaser, achiever’ but that’s OK. I am OK with being human and forgetting the lessons learned sometimes. I am done with giving myself a hard to foe doing human and instead i can use that extra energy for having fun.

Check out Ananda Marga, they have places all over the World, including 2 amazing vegetarian cafe’s and a master unit near here. They run their Bliss Festival around this time every year. So why not come visit them and us ( @projectrootsportugal ) together some time soon.