Amurt on Spazio Libero of RAI3

On Tuesday 25 June , Cosimo De Cillis (president of AMURT ITALIA), Giacomo Boselli (national coordinator AMURT) and Lisa Pessina (AMURT volunteer) were in Rome to participate in the RAI3 program Spazio Libero , hosted by editor-in-chief AnnaMaria Baccarelli.

In a cordial atmosphere and with the support of a very helpful staff , they were interviewed about AMURT activities, its history and future projects .

Particular attention was paid to Mongolia , a country in which AMURT has been present for over 20 years and for which a video was shown showing the actions taken. Boselli, having visited the project several times personally, was interviewed about CHILDREN HOME and ongoing activities.

De Cillis focused on the aspects linked to the context of volunteering within the Association, focusing in particular on the importance of volunteers and the high social value of their service.

This interview marks a very important moment for AMURT for several reasons: besides being an indication of the excellent work that it has been carrying out for several years with seriousness and dedication, it is, from a more practical point of view, an invaluable opportunity to make itself known to a very broad and diverse public at national level .

The whole interview will be broadcast on July 1st at about 10.50 on RAI 3 .

This, probably, will not be an isolated episode since the editors have expressed the will to continue to document the evolution of the projects and the path of AMURT ITALIA and its volunteers.

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