LFT/LPT Training in Ananda Ashiisha

Ten trainees came from Ukraine, Russia, China, Italy and Portugal for one month LFT/LPT training, which took place our Master Unit/ecofarm in Eastern Poland. The head educator Didi Ananda Dayshiila came from Italy, where she is posted. She taught the teachings of our Guru, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (Baba) to the sisters with the help of a translator Arunapriya. Besides Didi also taught our disciplined meditation and yoga practises – also with her own sincere example. The purpose of this training was to educate local part timers (LPT) and local full timers (LFT) for their role in service of humanity.

At the last week of training another teacher came, Didi Ananda Advaeta, who gave a bit more artistic and inspirational classes. The collective mood throughout the training was enthusiastic and hilarious. At the closing ceremony we heard many amazing stories of their experiences and everyone seem to leave with the feeling of gratitude.

Personally, I had the honor of being the hostess and cook. As I know very little about cooking, I had to ask constantly Baba for help. While mixing any ingredients to food, I used to ask Baba what to put next. It was amazing and exiting for me to get delicious meals done. At least that’s what they told me all the time. Baba seemed to provide also the best possible weather with sunshine and serenity, but on my request (!) he also showed his grace with a gentle rain shower.

Here are some experiences from the trainees….

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