Seven Day Intensive Sadhana Development Camp Now in Fifteenth Year

Many margiis from around the world long for an extended meditation retreat that truly supports deep and profound Sadhana practice.

The Seven Day Intensive Sadhana Development Camp is arranged solely for that purpose. The entire program, now in its fifteenth year, is designed to create a perfect environment for long sadhana practice. None of your precious time will be spent in cooking duty.  No washing pots and pans.  The sole focus is ever deeper meditation and constant ideation – beautifully blended with opportunities each day for genuine self reflection.  As the week goes by you have both the time and, very importantly, the carefully managed environment to explore the full potential of your sadhana practice.

Each evening there are classes based solely on Gurudeva Anandamurti’s Tantra Sadhana illuminated by carefully researched discourses and clarified by profound explanations gained from Dada Manavendrananda’s many years of sadhana study with Ac. Candranath Kumar, one of our very first family acharyas. Each day has more than five hours of sadhana and kiirtan. And the mornings and afternoons also include a variety of engaging and thoughtful activities that will help you reflect on yourself and your everyday life.

The Seven Day Sadhana Development Camp takes place at the Nuluhon Retreat House in the hills of Malaysian Borneo a short distance from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. An ideal site for a genuine spiritual retreat. Nuluhon is surrounded by rainforest, with a bubbling stream just below the meditation hall that feeds a natural rock pool, and a huge cascading multi-level waterfall is just a short walk away.  Lush green hills, a view over a valley with the ocean in sight, the natural environment will surely energize you and fill you with life!

The Seven Day Intensive Sadhana Development Camp is now running for its 15th year with three sessions in 2020!  Margis come from Taiwan, China, Bali, Singapore, Indonesia, USA, Norway, Sweden, Turkey and more.  Many margiis return again and again – for three, four, five, and even more times!

You are sincerely welcome to experience a truly intensive week of sadhana and personal transformation with us!  Please come.

Dada Manavendrananda
Didi Ananda Samprajina
Didi Ananda Lalita

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