Ananda Marga And The “Ronin”

Last year one of the few remaining noble monastics from Ananda Marga came to visit el Misterio. I considered him their spiritual and social leader, their wisest. He wanted to join us in the revolution and said that our work was exemplary. He admired us for being moral rebels and going against the grain of our own tradition and withstanding the attacks against us for this. We are not monastics nor formal meditation teachers yet people around the world think that we are doing the work of Ananda Marga when in fact we are entirely independent. I told him that I was commissioned by some of the older, direct disciples of Anandamurti to help continue the work of Ananda Marga.

I told him about our meeting with one senior Acarya so many years ago and how he spoke well of el Misterio just before his death and said we were doing the work that Anandamurti intended. I met with leaders of Ananda Marga like Ramananda and Chandranath after in 1995. They knew Ananda Marga was no longer really Ananda Marga. Due to this an entirely different approach must be taken. Anandamurti had foretold this years ago and said that the social organization of Ananda Marga would be annihilated but the ideas would later continue under new forms. Acaryas holding high organizational ranks in Ananda Marga, inspired us in this revolutionary direction.

June 21, 2015

by William Enckhausen