Is vegetarianism dangerous?

Namaskar Today’s topic is vegetarianism dangerous? Also we look at whether there’s enough protein in the vegetarian diet. What about children? Would they get enough nutritious food for them to grow up to be healthy on a vegetarian diet? And what is the role of sugar in the
vegetarian diet?

I remember 45 years ago when I became a vegetarian, my father predicted “You’ll be dead within six months”. Fortunately that never happened. Back in those years vegetarianism meant fruit, apple, cabbage, lettuce, carrot. But nowadays of course there’s so many combinations of different foods. Some of them even more nutritious and having more protein than meat based foods. back in those years I had to supplement. I was a college student, I had to supplement my diet with the brewers yeast 1 tablespoon; it tasted very horrible mixing with the milk and holding my nose and drinking it down.

Nowadays, the variety enables one to enjoy all the meals of a vegetarian diet. In terms of health, I’ve never experienced any health problem in fact my health has been extremely good over these years.

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