Building a Global Family of Educators

We are happy to announce that the January 2020 issue of Gurukula Network (49)  is now available online.   The theme of this issue is Building a Global Family of Educators. Issue 49 – January 2020

When some people started advancing, they thought more about themselves and less about others, nor did they think about the animals and plants. But if we analyse with a cool brain, it becomes quite clear that just as my life is important to me, others’ lives are equally important to them; and if we do not give proper value to the lives of all creatures, then the development of the entire humanity becomes impossible. If people think more about themselves as individuals or about their small families, castes, clans or tribes, and do not think at all about the collectivity, this is decidedly detrimental. Similarly, if people neglect the entire living world – the plant world, the animal world – is this not indeed harmful? That is why I say that there is a great need to explain humanity and humanism in a new light, and this newly-explained humanism will be a precious treasure for the world.

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