Call for Proposals

This is an open invitation for proposals for presentations at the 2020 Global PROUT Convention to be held at Ananda Gaorii, Denmark from 20 – 26 July.  The theme of this year’s convention is “Make Space For Change.”  We are looking for suitable candidates who can fill out our program. The deadline for submissions is the 31st of January.

We will have two main streams, ecology and economy with four verticals, personal development, education, policy, and global movement. Our aim is to inspire and cultivate activism, providing a space for people to create working groups to develop local and/or global initiatives, inspiring them to either join PROUT global or initiate local projects. The convention will differ from previous years in mainly two areas: our participants should come prepared to the convention. This means that the facilitators will publicise study materials in April. With this, we seek to create a sufficient foundation for active, critical discussions and a chance to dive deeper into PROUT during the convention. Secondly, we will not have any parallel sessions on the program. This means that we only have 8 sessions for the entire convention, each taking 2 hours. To still accommodate diversity we will have an open space for spontaneous workshops and those who were not selected in the call for proposals.

On this link, you will find the facilitator’s guide that we ask you to read through carefully. Please keep it in mind while writing your proposal.Good luck. If anyone has any questions don’t hesitate to ask us.

The PROUT convention committee: Nirmal, Nirmala, Vishvashanti and Jiivanmukta