“Didi, Didi – Santa came!” Ion’s first Christmas…

It was the first Christmas at AMURTEL Family for George, Alina, and Ion this year, and so it was particularly special for them! On Christmas Eve, Ion was so excited, he was quite stubbornly refusing to get into pyjamas and go to sleep. Rather, he was determined to stay up! It took some coaxing to get him into bed, and we talked about how hard it is to relax when you are excited.  I then helped him to do some “belly breathing” and to my amazement, he fell asleep literally within minutes.

In the morning, Ion was so excited to see the presents that had materialized under the tree and he came running to hug me exuberantly as I came downstairs: “Didi, Didi – Santa came!”  He could barely contain his excitement and was curiously poking through the pile of presents while waiting for the rest of the children to wake up and gather at the tree.

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