Rurapuk – Reaching our Dreams

In 2001, three women from the outskirts of Lima began a hot lunch program in a community with few resources called Paraíso Alto. Our history begins here.

Since then our social services have reached hundreds of children and families. Our roots and history show the importance of collaboration in community, and that our growth comes from the energetic, committed, and compassionate people who have been part of our story.

Growing to Think

When you come into a classroom in Rurapuk, you will immediately hear the class abuzz with the sharing of ideas. It is through dialogue that our teachers who are trained in critical thinking help children use their own experiences to break paradigms, take another look at their beliefs, and strengthen their reasoning.

You will notice that the children talk as much as or more than the teacher, and are confronted with questions that help them analyze and reconstruct their ideas.

Our classes

In Rurapuk we teach math, science, and language arts to children in our after school center. We hold guest lectures by professionals from all over the world to give the kids a glimpse of career possibilities they may have never thought possible. The kids eat a nutritious snack before class, and learn yoga and meditation weekly.

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