Prout is not socialism !

In a recent mailing list discussion, debate about the English translation of “Pragatishiila Samajatantra“, which defines the social system of PROUT. There are significant differences between the languages from where its translated e.g. Bengali, Hindi and Samskrta.

Originally in 1966, the discourse was given in Bengali by Shrii P. R. Sarkar and also in writing. In Bengali “pragatishiila samajatantra” means Progressive Socialism, which can be confirmed in Google Translate.  In Hindi, it means “Progressive Society / Sociology”. In Samskrta there is no google translate. In Ananda Marga Dictionary, the words: “pragatishiila + samaja + tantra”, means “progressive + society + to expand & to liberate”.

The 1973 Abhimata (The Opinion) is translated from the original Bengali print (1966) to English. The words were translated as “Progressive Socialism”. As a translation from Bengali, it is correct. Bengali language is largely based on Samskrta but many words have a different meaning. In Ananda Marga, all keywords are based on Samskrta translation. Not on Bengali, nor Hindi.

In the original Bengali print, this was probably added by the publisher. In 1966, an author writing in his or her own mother tongue or presenting to same language group, will not add foreign word. Words which have same meaning as the original.

In the discussion, another important factor was concluded. The system of socialism is an “-ism”, not supported by Prout.  The leftists in history have caused as much suffering and damage as the rightists in history. A “progressive” socialism or capitalism may do more harm.

At the end of debate, resulted in an interesting and more acceptable translation in Bengali. By separating “samajatantra” in two words: “samaja + tantra”. In google translation: Progressive Social System is similar to Samskrta which still needs to be defined.

by Rasatmakananda