PROUT Sessions during the Corona crisis shutdowns

Namaskar! With our current capitalistic economic structure crumbling down due to the Corona crisis, there is a dire need for an alternative socio-economic system to fill its place. PROUT is the answer and the only way forward! Many of us are spending more time at home due to the shutdowns and may have some extra time to learn PROUT. Here is a call to tune into to Facebook live sessions to learn about PROUT.

The session will be conducted by PROUT activist Rajesh Singh from India in the Hindi language every day over a period of 10-15 days, starting April 1st.

Link to Rajesh Singh’s Facebook page to attend the sessions:

Time: 10 AM Indian Standard Time, every day starting April 1st.

There is an urgency to understand and endeavor to implement PROUT, a socio-economic theory based on the spiritual tenets of Ananda Marga. This urgency cannot be emphasized more than it already has been by the current Corona crisis, which has shown the shortcomings of capitalism. PROUT is the need of the hour!