My eyes opened to classical tantra

Prepping for an online course! I’m so excited!! 12 years ago I had my eyes opened to classical tantra by a woman who was part of the Ananda Marga lineage. (Ananda Marga means Path of Bliss) After that year of immersing myself in it my life experiences intensified & I ‘digested’ them by writing & performing music.

In 2017 I got curious again…delved a bit into neo-tantra, then in 2019 found a very rooted & humble classical tantra teacher who I love and am now studying with.

It’s just the beginning & I have so much to learn…and I don’t take for granted the humble blessing to get to do this.

What I find so compelling about tantra is that it allows for beauty, creativity, embodiment, and the feminine. It helps the mind rest from thinking so much. It reveals our essence nature which is vast and peaceful and feels good & expansive to rest in (unlike the constrictive self-referencing/ projecting place)

In this class I’m gonna share information from the 1,000 year old Tantric tradition and offer guided mantra practices, followed by a live musical meditation (water chimes, Tibetan bowl, bamboo flute.) If you’d like to join this free event send me a message & I’ll send you the details

Instagram: Tara Kimes

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