Relief Work in Daegu, South Korea

Our Relief work for coronavirus victims centered around Daegu which was the main city affected. Our work started when Chandavatii sent 200 (1 ton) sweet potatoes (value $US3750) to Daegu where Jyotsna linked with a local NGO to distribute to needy families.

After that Jyotsna continued relief work almost daily in the month of March and thrice weekly in the month of April together with a network of other service organizations. Items distributed at different places included: Sanitizers, masks, fruits, brown rice cakes, Gimbab, (korean style sushi roll),  lunch boxes, warm soup, fruit plates, vegetable pancakes, bibinpap (korean mixed porridge with rice base) and noodle soup.

Places benefited included: fire brigade & emergency relief station, public health center, post office, medical center, homeless support center, a local children’s center, migrant workers center, poor people in the slums, courier personnel, medical staff at two hospitals, displaced families from city development, a teen center and an old folks center.

The total number of beneficiaries was around 1430 people and 200 families.

Jyotsna’s relief work has been positively highlighted in one of the most respected daily newspapers in Korea. The article has photos of her in AMURT vest and shows the relief goods with the AMURT labels. It mentions about Ananda Marga and AMURT. It is the first time that our work in Korea has received such an honorable mention in an important daily newspaper.

About $US 3800 was received from Margiis and non-Margiis for the two-month relief operation.

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