My Experience Of Meditation

It all starts when I was studying 12 in 2013. At the end of the year, I and my friends had curious how Steve Jobs got so famous. We researched him and found out that he used to do meditation, learned from India.

I was studied my middle school from a spiritual organization school, who also taught meditation, but that time I only focused on studied and ignored all this. But somehow, while doing that proper in Ananda Marga School, I somehow did the meditation. It was beginner meditation but I did it. I used to feel bliss. I wonder why I am feeling like heaven, and all nice, peace, and happy. I know the answer, but not completely.

Every day, I do the mediation and feel the bliss. But during weekends, and holidays, the lack of the mediation, hamper my thought, action, and mind. This also affects my course of action.
But, again when I resume it all becomes good. Whatever, from childhood I always like to do helping people, doing social service. I always helped poor, crippled, and maimed and woman. I offer them food, cloth, and money.

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