Presentation of AMURT schools

RAI (Radiotelevisione Italiana) in Rome, made one presentation interview of Amurt Italy. It was a brief introduction of Amurt documented film shots in Kenya and Tanzania. (December 2019)

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A few kilometers from Dar Es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania, there is a large landfill where many people survive by collecting waste material and selling it. Over the years, shacks have been built here that house hundreds of people. In addition to the danger of polluting materials and harmful gases, the area is completely devoid of basic services.

In order to provide a minimum of assistance to these families, AMURT has built-in a safe area a primary school that houses about 150 children in the area by giving them an education base and even lessons art and gardening.

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In 2007 AMURT opened a nursery school in our Likoni centre. The school is open to over 1,500 children with 35 staff members (teachers, managers, a cook, and a driver) where they are given basic education, one meal a day, and health care. We are currently expanding the school building with the help of AMURT Italia and other supporters in the community.

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