Berlin Sector UTC & Conference 2020

NAMASKAR: Welcome to the BLISSFUL Berlin Sector Conference 2020, both ONLINE and REGIONAL!

Starting on Tuesday 28th of July, we will ZOOM into live Dharma Cakra from Ananda Putta Bhumi Master Unit, Poland. We will join the local Margiis gathering for inspirational classes, group discussions, and BLISSFUL KIIRTAN. Motivated by the skills learned at UTC, on the 25th to 26th of July, we will plan how we can strengthen and share the Path of Bliss and our Eco-spiritual lifestyle to the wider world.

Where it is possible, you may join with local Margiis and connect collectively to the online conference. Here are the countries where regional retreats will be organized: Poland, Italy, Ireland and Sweden. Please check with your local Acaryas.

Classes and Programs
Classes include:
Didi Ananda Harimaya on Six Stages of Spiritual Realization, Dada Rasatmakananda on Microvita and how to put in practice, PROUT and Neohumanism by Dada Shubhatmananda and our special guest Dada Rudrananda’s talk on the Chariot and Charioteer.

There will be Katha Kiirtan with inspiring Baba stories, promising lots of inspiration. Two RAWA programs to enjoy with participants from all around Europe, and live presentation from different Master Units. In the mornings, we will plan how to bring AM into our community.

UTC 2020 – 25TH TO 26TH JULY 2020

UTC 2020, is the new online training for Margiis, specifically those who would like to improve their sadhana whilst having a greater impact on their life and society.

Do not miss this opportunity!
During the “UTC 2020” we will dive into deeper understanding whilst learning the T3 method, an approach given by Baba, which will allow you to learn how to have a positive impact in society.

The application of what you learn during “UTC 2020” will provide you with the peace of mind that you are walking in the right path and the joy of serving better the life around you.



Your registration fee and other contributions in our ONLINE Sectorial Conference will support the MADHU KARUNA’s yearly maintenance costs. Your help is highly appreciated in helping Madhu Karuna pass this year smoothly.