Neohumanist Solutions for a World in Crisis

Inside cover
– Anandanagar: An Eco-Community Model for the post-COVID era
– Ananda Marga Gurukula Celebrates 30th Anniversary
– Upcoming Online Conference: Neohumanist Solutions for a World in Crisis
– Can Covid-19 Help Create a New Renaissance?
– Challenges for Youth-Part 2: Inequality
– Transformative Praxis – A yantra for personal and social revolution

Topics in Education
– Decolonizing Education
– In Contradiction: Can Education Transform?

Neohumanist Projects in Focus
– New Day School, USA: Putting NHE principles into practice
– NHE Director Training – Centro Educação Infantil, (CEI) Sao Paulo, Brazil
– Creating Opportunities from Challenges at the River School, Australia
– New Songs for Quiet Time from Progressive School of Long Island
– NHE Support Groups: A powerful tool for refugee/migrant mothers in Greece
– Nuovo Mondo – Bringing Neohumanist Education to the Italian Alps

Topics in Microvita
– Local Forms of Consciousness – Substratum of Viruses
– Microvita, Morphogenetic Fields and Consciousness

Global News
– Delhi, Manila, New York, Georgetown, Hong Kong and Nairobi Sectors
– Shrii P.R. Sarkar Centenary Celebration
– Gurukula Global Contacts

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