Deep Prout – Be The Proutist You Wish to See in the World

Why should someone enroll in Deep Prout?
Deep Prout study will deepen and clarify participants’ understanding of Prout. This will increase their optimism and magnify their enthusiasm for Prout. The course is based on P.R.Sarkar’s Prout in a Nutshell series of discourses.

Deep Prout is intended to allow participants to discover their particular strengths and interests through the development of thorough Prout knowledge, and the opportunity to interact with others with varied Prout skills and interests.

Deep Prout’s specific objectives:
1. Provide a thorough grounding in P.R. Sarkar’s Prout.
2. Provide an introduction to the tools needed to carry out Prout work.
3. Develop the ability to assess research quality.
4. Allow participants to discover their personal Prout strengths and interests.
5. Help interested young Proutists find Prout work partners who share their particular Prout interest.

Please review the flyer for more details, and write to deepprout@gmail (.)com to receive the application form.

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