Winter Retreat 2021

The online Winter Retreat was from December 31 to Sunday, January 3, 2021.

The retreat started on the morning of December 31, with a yoga class, Dharma Cakra, and the opening ceremony. Ac. Diiptimanananda Avt. gave a class on Optimism in Prabhata Samgiita, explaining how the spirit of optimism in our philosophy and songs represents not only to have a positive outlook but also the feeling of fighting against obstacles like a creek flowing along towards the see disregarding all pebbles and obstacles on the way. The source of our optimism is the Supreme Consciousness that is inspiring us and giving us the blissful feeling that the benevolent will of the Supreme guides everything.

In the afternoon, we had a nine-hour Akhanda Kiirtana until midnight at Central Time, followed by a short meditation, Guru Puja, and Baba Video.

On January 1st, after the morning Dharma Cakra, we read the Ananda Vanii in the various languages of those present in the online conference. We had Margiis and Acaryas attending from more than thirty linguistic areas.

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