Ananda Kanan Renovations

We are always trying to upgrade our Ananda Kanan facilities. The Ananda Kanan White House is the organizational quarters; the other facilities are the kitchen, dining hall, Baba’s quarter, dormitories, and cabins.

In 2019, we built a large greenhouse. We are now developing the greenhouse garden and the outside garden – Inside for all year and outside for summer.

Margiis are welcome to visit us and rent out the cabins for personal visits and, if available, during the retreats. The dormitories are also available for visitors.

Some of the future projects we are planning are adding solar power for the water pump and a water storage tank. We are working according to the availability of funds. From the donations from last summer retreat, we had to put about a thousand dollars for propane and more for regular utility bills, repairs, and maintenance work. For example, we had flooding in the lake cabin and hired a contractor to make a trench drain on the cabin’s hillside.

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