Pomp & colour as Ananda Marga celebrates 100 birth Anniversary

It was cheers and dance as Ananda Marga Mission in Kenya celebrated the 100th Anniversary of their spiritual leader Shri Pr Sarkar aka Shrii Anadamurtijii.

The event held at the Nairobi Mountainview headquarters at Waiyakiway was marked with song and dance with Chairman of the mission Dinesh Kumar distributing Blankets to the less privileged members of the society based in Kangemi and surrounding areas.

In his speech, Kumar said there is always joy in giving out than receiving since the reward comes back with abundant blessings.

“If we can have the spirit to make decisions, we will achieve our goals. We are here for a certain period of time. We have to help our brothers and sisters to achieve their goals in life. They should not feel their careers are wasted. People are suffering, not due to social economics but due to lack of immorality,” he said.

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