Samadhi Ice Cream

Namaskar, my name is Dada Devavratananda and I am a yogic monk. I embraced the path of the yoga monk of Ananda Marga, dedicating my life to serving all living beings and teaching people to meditate. I was born in South Africa and now I stay in Berlin. This is a story that connects my life with vegan ice cream.

After learning meditation in 1986 and becoming a vegetarian I soon had my first experience in the food industry on the streets of Johannesburg in South Africa. Street food carts had just become legal and I naively thought a vegetarian hot dog stand would be the biggest sensation in food. It wasn’t…. and after a few months, I sold the cart for less than I paid for it. It served as a timely reminder that the real world does not always follow our dreams.

But cooking has always been an opportunity for me to express my creativity. Living a number of years in Italy I learned a lot about cuisine and it was also there that I first came into contact with the art of ice cream. And I immediately fell in love with it ❤️

I’ve always been fascinated with how a simple meal prepared by one’s mother at home often tastes better than an expensive meal in a restaurant. The ingredient of love makes all the difference. Similarly, it is the element of love and positive vibration which makes our ice cream unique.

As a yogic monk producing ice cream perhaps the altruistic spirit is the special attribute I bring to the picture. I am producing ice cream not just to make money, but to communicate a deeper message of tolerance and respect for our environment and to convey a profound sense of love for what we do.

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