Baan Dada Children’s Home

Baan Dada was founded in 1994 by the Neo-Humanist Foundation and is located in Huay Malai (near Sangkhlaburi) which is situated in Western Thailand close to the border of Myanmar, approximately 350 kilometers from Bangkok. It began as a children’s home in an effort to protect the growing number of orphaned and disadvantaged children in the area. ‘Baan’ means house in Thai, and ‘Dada’ is Sanskrit for brother.

Dada Ramakrsna, Supuchai (A local Thai), and Mon Nyi (A Mon tribe medic) are responsible for the development of the children, the home and many community-based projects in this area.

The main objective is to empower children through education, both formal and non-formal. They are encouraged and taught many subjects including; music, handicraft, art, language, and technical skills. The children are taught to practice vegetarianism and respect all people, creatures, and religions, based on the Neo-Humanist philosophy, “love for all living creatures”. Baan Dada also supports the local area by providing jobs for single mothers and families, who help care for the children and assist with farming, construction and weaving projects.

The home is proactive in helping itself. There is a large farm that provides food for the home, which is tended by the children every afternoon after school, as well as by Dada and some local helpers during the day. Dada has planted rubber trees to sell to generate income for the home, which can be harvested approximately twice per month. The children take part in weaving, creating bracelets, cards, and bookmarks, playing music at the local market, and doing cultural and yoga performances to also raise money for themselves. Of course, we also welcome support from volunteers and donors!

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