A Solution-Oriented Approach

Two major challenges faced by those facilitating local socio- economic systems change are how to holistically bring together the many components of a plan and how to implement the development scheme at a large enough scale. Among other things, the shift to a local, democratically owned economy involves: creating new productive capacity, introducing new methods of exchange, revitalizing infrastructure development, and fostering shifts of cultural perspective. These are not back-yard or intentional community level changes, but ambitious undertakings that require engagement of a broad spectrum of the society.

The PROUT Institute has a three-faceted “Solutions Oriented Approach”:
• Know your region: obtain an informed understanding of local people and of local problems and potentials
• Create your plan: create local and regional development plans to foster well-being, equity, and balanced abundance
• Serve the community: collaborate with others to engage in constructive social change

The Denmark based movement, AndlesTanken, has embarked on a large-scale project that models how this can work in practice. We present an interview with AndelsTanken organizer, Niels Holck, who explains how this is being undertaken in the visionary project he is working with in Langeland, Denmark.

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