Sunday Svádhyáya


Svádhyáya, the study of Ananda Marga philosophy is of immense value for progress in spiritual life. Here below are some of Baba’s teachings on this important subject of Svádhyáya, which is one of the tenets of Niyama and should be adhered to by all spiritual aspirants.

“The study, with proper understanding, of scriptures and philosophical books is svádhyáya” ~ Guide to Human Conduct

“One of the most valuable treasures of humanity is intellect. When people are advised to desist from following the path of logic and reason, it means that the vested interests are out to buy the human intelligence engaged in the fight against dogma.” ~ Various Forms of Exploitation

“It is a proper philosophy which will establish the correct harmony between the spiritual and material worlds, and be a perennial source of inspiration for the onward movement of society.” ~ Devotional Sentiment and Neohumanism (Discourse 1)
Having been inspired by our beloved Baba’s teachings on Svádhyáya, some of us margiis meet every Sunday mornings to study Baba’s books or discourses. It gives us immense pleasure to be able to read, discuss, ruminate over and internalize Baba’s teachings as a group every Sunday in a 60-90 minutes conference call session. We invite all margiis to join us in Svádhyáya to collectively move forward towards spiritual welfare.
All you need is a phone or internet connection to dial into the session and participate in Sunday Svádhyáya. We are currently reading the book Namámi Krśńasundaram. Please write to to be added to a Google Group on which announcements for the sessions, discourses, and other details are sent out each week.

Our Svádhyáya group meets Sundays at 8 AM Pacific Time/11 AM Eastern Time, USA.

Conference Call Details:

Callers from the USA: Dial-in #: (563) 999-2090   Access Code: 687396

To join the call via the internet, use this online meeting link.

In Him,