Menschliche Welt – German Prout party

Menschliche Welt (Humane World) was founded in 2013 with the desire to work towards the formation of a global human society. A prerequisite for a human society sees the party in an all-benevolent thinking and acting of the leaders. Therefore, one of the main concerns of the Human World is to help people develop altruistic behaviors and leadership skills.

The Humane World argues for more decency and ethical behavior in politics. [10] One of their key issues is the abolition of factory farming. According to its own statement, it advocates the elimination of flight causes in order to overcome the so-called refugee crisis. As one of the causes she sees wars, why the party z. B. rejects the Bundeswehr deployment in the Syrian war. It also wants to reduce the production of arms and arms exports massively. Instead, exports of technical aids for developing countries should be promoted. In the defence conversion , however, no one should lose his professional work. The party is committed to the establishment of education councils, which should develop holistic concepts for school education throughout Germany.

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