Lens which provides us the direction

There are different way / lens to know the society issues. Most common lens is Science. But if you look into the science you will find highly educated proficient academics at the extremes of both sides of the debate. Through a capitalist lens you will visualise the trend of thoughts. “Be a greedy, self-centered, materialist, extremely powerful capitalist on the top of the bankers pyramid, what better way to divide and distract and tax and hold to ransom an entire globe?”

You don’t need to be an expert but use common sense where to look at. When visiting a place, I do believe our practice of sadhana has improved our sense / intuition in this regard. This lens gives the direction and confirmed when knowing what to research/study. Doesn’t give the fact but a grounding base to start the dialog/discussion.

What makes this insight interesting, shows how different the needs and reasons of exploitation or construction of each country are. Whatever we may say, there are also valid reasons of survival in some countries why nature / forest was “destroyed” in the first place, such as Portugal and Lebanon. Unfortunately not replaced with new trees, and later turned into commercial greed. This lens allows us to avoid solving issues with anger and hate, but with firmness of understanding and solving the problem. If we listen to hearing or look at statistics only, the situation looks very bad.

Portugal replaced the native trees (oak and pine) with imported Eucalyptus. Trees which exacerbate deadly fires. Their sap is flammable, and so is their bark, which flies off when burned, igniting new fires up to 100 yards away. The greed of Eucalyptus commercial value, 10-15% of the Portuguese state went in smoke in less than a generation. Destroyed the eco-system which was already damaged when native trees were cut for ship building and maintenance in mid-century.

Through capitalist lens, the Portuguese World Bank Eucalyptus reforestation program is a perfect example of how the Bankers swindle our natural heritage in the name of combating global warming. Not only do they do it at a profit, they use international funding. There are hundreds of cases like this.

Solutions are local regardless of issue, which has been said many times. Starts by “knowing your local area”. Each Marga region MUST start taking this as priority. We may not all become activists but to know what we are talking about. Helpful to associate with like-minded members and activists.

Copied and edited from Margii Inspiration mailing list by Rasatmakananda