Hung out with a Tantra yogi

mhyndala: I hung out with a Tantra yogi acharya avadhuta after work today. His name is Dada Nabhaniilananda and he has been a yogi monk of Ananda Marga Rajadhiraja Tantra Yoga since 1979. We talked about yoga, meditation, tantra, and his experiences as a yogi monk while we ate dragonfruit and sweet figs picked fresh from my yoga teacher’s garden. Afterwards, we had a little dharmachakra where we sang some Kirtan chants and meditated. I feel so high from all our singing and meditating that I can’t stop smiling 😆 I am very happy and thankful that I got to hang out with Dada today. 🧘🏻‍♀️🙏🏻Namaskar and baba nam kevalam~

jigneshprjpt: You are fortunate to spent sometime with yogi

asktami88: I would love to meet Dada one day, big namaskar to you and Dada from Baku, Azerbaijan 🙂

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