Waking Up Seeing This

The Matrix Code: Last weekend I woke up in the middle of the nights several times seeing this kind of patters, those are projected on my cornea, but the effect only last about 3-5 seconds, the numbers/characters/unknown symbols change fast and constantly so impossible to remember any combination and then vanish slowly.

¿Anyone here having the same phenomenon?

Anonmous 1: I had this happen once, upon waking from a vivid dream and seeing a kaleidoscopic layer over my vision containing symbols such as the tree of life.

I believe it’s us waking up before the dmt/whatever-mechanism-that-allows-us-to-visualise-dreams wears off.

As for what you see, that’s probably down to either your subconscious mind or whatever the glowniggers are beaming into your head from the nearest tv, computer, or smartphone.

Anonymous 2: Yeah the kaleidoscopic patters come from our feelings related to dreams. I made meditation in the past, and got into mind state “samadi” when DMT is secreted by the pineal gland. About a year after that I received a video in my mind about this yogi group named Ananda Marga, trying to make me join their {{{club}}}, oppened my eyes and felt a hand holding my ankle, tried to see my feet without moving my legs and saw the shape or a hand around my ankle over the sheets, I didn’t know they existed, got up from bed and went to google their shit just to confirm they were real, that same morning when going out home I saw a flayer on my front door from some religious house in my zone.

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