Children’s Home – Ananda Nagar

One of the poorest areas in Purulia District, West Benagal, India was selected by our master Shri Shri Ananda Murti for developing a model and spiritual centre. He named this place “Ananda Nagar”, which means “City of Bliss”. Ananda Nagar has been the headquarters of Ananda Marga since 1966. There are 55 villages in the surrounding area, which has been struggling for their daily needs of food, education and medicine etc.  For the villagers, having proper roads, electricity and school was only a dream.

Since Ananda Nagar was established, Ananda Marga has been working hard for the development of the area in various ways. The biggest achievement has been the establishment of schools from kindergarten to college level with hostel facilities, Children’s Home, hospital, veterinary college, small scale industries etc. There is a big hope for development in all aspects for the surrounding area as well as the globe.

There are five Children’s Homes in Ananda Nagar. Around 147 children are living here. These homes are managed by monks and nuns. Monks and nuns are called dada and didi respectively. Four homes are managed by dada and one home is managed by didi. The homes are called as central Home, Post primary (PP) Home, Student’s Home, Amal (Ananda Marga Academy of Light) and Uma Nivas Children’s Home for girls.

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