From Aesthetics to Supra-aesthetics: Awakening Consciousness through Song by Sucharit Katyal and Kathrine Sumati Brekke. And one of our mornings at the Art & Spirituality Retreat will start with immersing ourselves into sweet melodies of kiirtan with our beautiful friends Sumati and Sucharit.

Sumati Brekke is a trained Ananda Marga Yoga educator and an experienced kiirtan musician. She enjoys sharing authentic relating games and sharings at retreats to face and embrace the messiness of being human on the spiritual journey. “To know our true self and progress with speed, it helps to slow down and notice how we are in a relationship with everything and everyone around us.”

And Sucharit has studied Indian classical vocal music for over 15 years, and especially its rendering in Bhakti and Sufi devotional traditions. Apart from that, Sucharit is a talented researcher that has deep knowledge about the human brain. Right now he is studying how meditation affects the mind.

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