New environmental NGO in Chile

In Chile, with Dada Mokshananda and other local volunteers, we opened one new NGO on environment. “Kullay: el arbol de la vida. Ananda Marga Litueche”, is the name of the organization.  Kullay is the native name of Quillaja saponaria, a strong tree that can stay without water for 6 or 7 months of dry climate and burning sun. It`s representing the strength that a human being should have to fight against the adversities of the live.

The base of the organization is in our retreat center with 17th of beautiful autochthonous bush, nearby the Rapel Lake, 2hrs by car from Santiago capital.

Already we have started to work with the community with interventions on Spiritual Ecology.

We organize retreats and meetings with the people of the region, on yoga, meditation and fitotherapy. To learn how to recognize the native medicinal plants and how to use it; music therapy, to chant and have fun with the musical instruments.

Since last 3 months, we have worked with 100 older people. The neighbor communities are very interested with our work; they are inviting us to visit them next year.

Slowly slowly we are building consciences for the inner personal grow and respect for the environment.