What Actually Happens

I hope your 2019 has been full of wonder and that you’ve learned and evolved and done lots of stuff to serve all the living beings of the universe!

And that you’re planning even more like that in 2020.

I’m going to keep this really simple. I have tons to tell you about my own 2019, and my hopes and dreams for 2020, but no time to do that justice right now, so…

I’m just going to share something wonderful with you that I just discovered, written by a friend. I read, and write, about meditation, all the time, and have been doing that for most of my life. But I’ve NEVER come across anything like this. I feel utterly compelled to share this amazing article by Sparrow.​​​​​​​

Prepare to be utterly entertained, weirdly illuminated and just slightly terrified.

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