October 2020 Newsletter

Lotus House Blossoms on Ananda Viithika
Construction of Lotus House is moving forward quickly on Ananda Viithika. After completing the foundation of the house, a work crew experienced in Deltec construction is now putting together the entire prefab structure (walls and roof) which should be completed by the end of October.

An Update from the Nicaragua Master Unit
We have survived the worst of rains in the last one month and attacks of ants have destroyed two of our beehives, but we managed to save three-under attack by making metal racks with legs dipped in water, so ants cannot access. Nevertheless, we expect a great season as rains have been unusually abundant this year. Taekwondo classes are going on weekly and we finished an eco-agriculture workshop for small-scale back yard gardeners and farmers. Now we are aiming at re-starting eco-education walks for school kids and preparing the land for large-scale crop cultivation.

An Update from the Mexico Retreat Center
Ac. Krpasundarananda reports much activity in spreading spirituality in Mexico and gave personal instruction in meditation to 20 brothers during recent months. In addition, he supervised and worked on the construction and beautification of the new retreat site in Xochicalco, Mexico making it ready for future programs.

Jamaica School Reopens
Dada. Giitisudhananda conducts online classes for the Ananda Marga Jamaica school, and reports that the school now has reopened for in-person instruction, though there are far fewer pupils attending. He also supervises a food relief project in Kingston, Jamaica

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