Ananda Marga West Africa

In Burkina Faso our AMURT team is moving ever forward, despite the security challenges we are now facing in the Sahel Region. The conflict in Mali is beginning to affect our project areas there, which is forcing us to keep a lower profile while we wait for the situation to improve. However, the conflict is not interfering with the development of our master unit – Ananda Viirata. This year has been focused much on developing agroecological aspects. In addition to producing organic vegetables and fruits, we’ve also planted over 20,000 new trees, with many more growing nicely in our nursery.

This upcoming year, we are initiating a master unit based program that aims to 1. assist area farmers to maximize production on their landholdings, 2. cooperatively produce and process moringa and other locally grown items, 3. make moringa powder available as a nutritional supplement to vulnerable populations (pregnant women and young children). For more information, click on the Ananda Moringa image.

For this program, we are seeking $33,000 to construct agro-processing facilities on Ananda Viirata (our Bissiri community center). This facility will not only serve as the basis for our new program, but will bring us closer to realizing our vision of local self-reliance. This last month, we have distributed over 15,000 moringa trees to area farmers, with an aim to begin large-scale processing of moringa by next summer. Our goal is to finish construction by Spring 2013.

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