30 Years of Baan Unrak (part2)

A brief history of the “Home of Joy” 19977 to 2004
This is the year we met Me Lek. She became one of the pillars of strength of Baan Unrak. She came to us in search of refuge, but she ended up staying as a caring mother. She is in charge of all small children and all caregivers. Besides that, she became the main teacher in our kindergarten.

Another year of growth. With the help of the British embassy, our weaving center was expanded. We switched from small looms to big looms to become more productive.

This was the year of social recognition. The Australian Embassy awarded us with the AusAid grant, and the Australian Ambassador donated from his own fund to improve our kindergarten program and community study center.

A new millennium arrived, with challenges and sweetness. We got into so many sad things, but we also found out that miracles can come at any moment in life, and people were willing to help us in a very generous way.

This was a year of blooming for Baan Unrak.

This year we improved a lot of our education and yoga performance.

Another amazing year of growth and contribution. Our efforts were recognized and more and more help came.

This year, we saw the full circle of life. We saw someone making a new life, while someone had to go…

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