Help to collect Berlin Sector history

We have taken the task to collect the history of Berlin Sector (1969 to 1990). This is for an online exhibition of Baba’s centennial anniversary. Baba’s inspiration and influence in Europe. The establishments and movements created by the Margiis and Workers during His direct guidance.

Besides Baba’s visit in 1979, He created a sequence of phases that activated everyone and kept us dynamic throughout His physical presence.

  • Intensive seminar phase
  • Dharma Samiksa
  • Revolutionary Marriage (RM)
  • Plant collection
  • Microvita Sadhana
  • MG Quarters, Schools, PROUT, AMURT, and other urgent establishments.

The stories, old photos, and other visual and audio materials. Are you interested to help us with this interesting task? Please, contact our team.

Didi Ananda Harimaya, Asha, Dada Jyotirupananda, Ashok, and me.

by Dada Rasatmakananda