Ananda Valley Newsletter

February, a month filled with sunny, energising and fluorescent days, as well as, rainy, cleansing and nourishing evenings. Let us look forward and see the vast amount of p o s s i b i l i t y that lies before our feet. Let us live by example, and step into that place of trust, awe and love that takes us deeper and further into a brighter p r e s e n c e .

To celebrate, remember and value Portuguese culture, our communications team created a short video about the tradition of Entrudo. In the close-by village of Paúl, during the entrudo, people used to climb the mountain to shout poems. They were shouting (or crying, as they say here) to the person who behaved badly, to the thief or criminal, or to comic situations that happened throughout the year within the population.

Volunteering can be a life-changing experience and a fluorescent learning curve. Do you want to see even more? Watch and hear Damiano’s story, our volunteer from ESC Erasmus+ program from Italy.

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