Spiritual Spring Festival – RAWA

(Vasantotsav) on.13.3.21 was a very inspiring event with artists from India, Germany, Spain, England, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, and South America. The number of attendance was over 85 from all over the world. There was a great variety of dances, instrumental music, songs, and poems. It filled the air with feelings of enthusiasm, unity, and devotion. The members of the RAWA team were 6 Margins and Ac. Jyoti Brcii.

RAWA Spiritual Spring Festival VASANTOTSAV
Saturday 13th of March 2021

Traditionally in India the Spring Festival Holi is celebrated with very colorful events, decorating things and people.
In Ananda Marga we took up that idea of welcoming back the time of light and growth, including the idea of offering our own mental colors to the Divine (Vasantotsav).

We invited very diverse artists from different countries to contribute short videos and now we can offer you about 20 different aspects of this topic. We will have songs, dances, poems, nature, and more.

the RAWA-team of Germany
(Renaissance Artists and Writers Association)