Ananda Valley Newsletter

“Did you know, that the forest seeks you? Grounds you unto the earth, moss, soil, water. Whispers with the wind, whistling harmonies. You are those too. Harmonies. music. song. sing to the forest, it will sing back to you.”

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We are currently creating a cookbook with all our delicious recipes. We posted Flo’s amazing sourdough bread on our blog. Read it now and feel inspired (and hungry).

On the same topic, we continued our focus on cleansing both inside and outside. Ma’dhavii wrote a blogpost on the World Health Day for our “My Fasting Experience”-series. She wrote:

“in addition to the classes, workshops, healthy vegetarian meals, fasting practices, and spiritual development, this place carries the potential to fulfill my wish: for me, and for everyone here, to be their most energetic, vibrant, and healthy selves”.

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