Proutist Universal’s statement on the Ukraine situation

Proutist Universal (PU) stands in solidarity with all those who condemn leaders trying to impose their will on others, who destroy people’s livelihoods and possessions, who harm people physically and mentally, and who deny human rights for life, liberty, basic necessities, and peace.

Such leaders commit heinous crimes against humanity. They use their accumulated power and wealth to subject people to their whims and interests. World citizens will no longer tolerate such anti-human and antisocial behavior. PU is committed to the eradication of such behavior and to establishing a society free of oppression, suppression, and exploitation.

In this instance, PU condemns the invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine by Russia, just as we condemn instances of war-mongering by other powers, such as the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan by the US.

War, more often than not, is about wanting to control the resources of another country. It is about giving free rein to leaders who have no self-control. PU believes that when every region of the world has a balanced economy and has elected moral leaders, there will be less geopolitical aggression.

The United Nations has proven ineffective in reigning in powerful nations. Isn’t it time to create an effective world body? Such a world government could be empowered to frame the laws of a world constitution, based on cardinal human values such as universal love, respect, truthfulness, and integrity that all nation-states must respect. Basic rights to life, liberty, freedom of speech, and freedom from exploitation would be guaranteed in such a constitution.

A global environment of peace and security ultimately depends on love for humanity, not merely looking out for one’s own country or people. This has yet to arise in human civilization. Love for humanity must guide efforts to create local economic stability for the well-being of all.