AMURTEL Romania – thousands of Ukrainian refugees

140,000 Refugees Mothers and Children in Romania already
I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures flooding the internet and TV. Already by March 3rd, thousands of Ukrainian refugees, primarily women and children are arriving traumatized in Romania, forced to flee with just the clothes on their backs, leaving behind burning buildings, the unknown fate of family and loved ones, and no idea when they will be able to return home.

“Mama, I’m ready. I won’t cry. Let’s go!”
Already over 140,000 people have crossed the border so far, and 18,000 are children, like Maya a four-year-old little girl who arrived with her 10-year-old brother and mother today in an improvised shelter in a hotel in the Siret where she met with Melinda, our volunteer emergency psychologist. Earlier this morning, Maya had been sheltering with her family in an underground metro station, listening to the frightening explosions and high-pitched whine of sirens outside. When suddenly the noises stopped, she put on her little jacket all by herself and turned to her mother, who was comforting her sobbing 10-year-old brother and said “Mama, now I am ready. I won’t cry. Let’s go!”

You can provide Maya with immediate trauma care
You can provide safety, protection and care to Maya and the other Ukrainian refugee children fleeing to Romania from the bombing by supporting the establishment of at least ten Child-Friendly Spaces. We need your help to urgently set them up. The earlier children like Maya and their parents can receive safety and counseling the more that the harmful impact of such trauma can be reduced.

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